A Mom’s Guide to Making Extra Money Before Christmas


♫ It’s the most expensive time of the year // With the kids begging for presents // the in-laws requesting cooked pheasants // for Christmas dinnerrrrrrr // Oh it’s the most expensive time of the year! *key change* ♫

(Is it just me or did I totally miss my calling as a lyricist?)

If you know me in real life, you know that Christmas is my very favorite time of the year. Since I was little, I have loved the peaceful Advent season (where my fellow Catholics at?!), the bright and colorful bulbs strung about the neighborhood, the catchy tunes that get stuck in your head like a form of Chinese water torture… I enjoy it all! However, one of the parts that has been a challenge in the past is buying gifts for everyone. Granted, the gifts are not the most important part of the season, but you have to admit that it is fun to give something special (whether big, small, handmade, or store bought) to those you love.

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Gaming: It’s Not Just Family Fun Anymore


The other day I embarrassed myself in front of my friend Katy.  We were reminiscing about Christmases from our childhood and family traditions.  Katy’s family always puts together a puzzle. She smiled as she told me that they all just take turns sneaking into the room to put a few pieces together, so each person is pleasantly surprised to find it more and more completed.

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Registering To Vote Using Technology


We’re off to the races on Election 2016. No matter who your vote is for, it is incredibly important that you do vote in this year’s presidential election. Heck, I think it’s important to vote in every election, but this is the big one. And with technology, it’s easier than ever to register to vote.

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HelloFresh – The Good, The Bad, The Tasty


Each year, my husband and his dad take a mancation to Colorado.  My husband is a picky eater, and even though I love him dearly, I love when he goes on this trip because I get to try new recipes.  Leading up to this trip, I saw 123986 advertisements for HelloFresh.  So, during the Mancation of 2016, I ordered my first HelloFresh box!  Here’s the good, the bad, and the tasty!  Read more

A Busy Mom’s Honest Take On HelloFresh


As I mentioned in my last article, cooking fresh and wholesome meals has not come easy during this pregnancy. Besides feeling exhausted and unmotivated, my cravings have been stranger and more sporadic than ever.

However, when my Facebook began blowing up with promotions for subscription meal plans, I became intrigued… by paying the subscription cost and having food actually delivered to me (versus having to get out and grocery shop with a busy toddler), would I be more motivated to cook?

Ready for the answer? Read on as I discuss my family’s experience with HelloFresh and whether or not I would recommend it to other families.

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Protect Yourself From Scams


Scene #1: You pick up the ringing phone, answering an unfamiliar number. The caller explains you are going to be issued a grant of $3,000 but you have to verify your bank information first.

Scene #2: The unknown number brings a formal but pushy voice proclaiming you owe $550 to the government and asking for your credit card or bank information, while threatening a slew of horrible events, should you fail to comply.

Scene #3: A suspicious e-mail makes it’s way to your inbox, claiming to be updating you on a suspicious charge to your bank account, and requesting you to click the enclosed link.

Are these scams? Probably so. Thanks to technology, sending and receiving information has become incredibly easy. Unfortunately, that means you need to be consciously protecting yourself from scams. It is not exceedingly difficult to keep yourself safe. Read on for some basic tips concerning your phone and your e-mail.

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Domestic Violence: Technology is Helping and Hurting


Recently, my community was rocked by a horrible incident of domestic violence.  One of my students went home to find that her step-father shot and killed her mother, and then he shot and killed himself. The news was and is absolutely catastrophic. The local news interviewed neighbors, and they spoke of well-known discord in the family.

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Technology is Bad for Note Taking!

bad tech

I’m not sure where I was last April when this NPR article aired, but I know that I was in the kitchen last week when I saw it pop up on a friend’s Facebook page. I saw the comment from my friend’s page, first: “Taking notes with technology doesn’t work!” I rolled my eyes and then looked at the article’s title, “Attention, Students: Put Your Laptops Away.” Last, I saw that it was produced by NPR.

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The Homework Debate – One Teacher’s Opinion

The Homework Debate

The homework debate is a tale as old as time.  If you have been on social media lately, you have likely seen a note penned by a second grade teacher in Texas that has restarted the homework debate.  As a high school teacher, I am a little torn on the topic, but thought I would share a little bit of educational theory and opinion as it relates to the homework debate.  

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