At MammaTech, our mission is simple: to provide parents and caregivers with insight, support, and community in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of technology.

“Mommy, can I get an iPhone?”

It is a question that every mother dreads. A quick walk through the local grocery store confirms that the age when a child gets a cell phone or tablet continues to decline rapidly. Many local schools are handing out laptops or tablets to every student. We see Middle School kids playing TriviaCrack and then remember back to the days when Oregon Trail, Snake, and Mario Party were the favorites of our generation. Technology has changed so much since we were growing up, and it can be difficult to wrap our minds around the new digital world kids find themselves surrounded by.

Our mission is simple: to help you find the right balance of technology for your family. We believe technology can be a valuable tool to enhance young people’s lives – if it is used responsibly. Too many websites use fear as a tactic to scare parents away from technology. We want talk about overcoming those fears and working with your children to embrace technology in a way that makes everyone happy.

Questions like “What age should a child get a cell phone?” and “How much time should a child spend with a tablet?” rage on social networks, and moms frequently look to others for guidance with the latest trends in technology. MammaTech was designed to serve as a safe place for parents to look for help navigating the challenges of raising children in the digital age.

MammaTech’s parent site, PCMech.com, has served as the go-to website for plain-English technology help for over 20 years. With the launch of MammaTech, we want to do the same thing for young parents across the world.

We welcome you to the community and hope that you enjoy your stay!


– Timo Mechler, Tyler Thompson, Annie Sandmeier, and the rest of the MammaTech team



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