Meet The Mammas

Annie is a wife, mamma, blogger, and freelance writer with a background in television journalism and a (surprisingly) minimal knowledge of technology. When she isn’t writing or chasing around her busy toddler, Annie enjoys reading, catching up on current events, staying active, binge watching television shows with her husband, and eating breakfast foods and/or chicken nachos.


Jessica Thompson is a wife and mamma to a cat and 90+ high school students.  She enjoys finding new ways to make her classroom more fun and interesting and less like a space where the only windows available are the operating systems. In her free time, Jessica enjoys reading, cooking, and taking photographs.


Terra Neidigh is a wife, blogger, and stay at home Mom to her two and three year old boys. Terra enjoys reading, traveling with her family, ice cream, and a good Netflix binge at the end of the day after her kids are in bed.


Chaur Jacobson is a wife, mother and teacher-librarian.  Friends say she is an overall rock star at life, but they probably are a bit biased. She enjoys cooking, reading, and gardening. Her life would be perfect if she could figure out her iphone!


Mary Schroeder is a wife and ring leader of her seven energetic offspring. The bulk of her days are spent cooking, cleaning, and homeschooling, though not always in that order. On the rare occasion of a minute to herself, Mary is often unable to be found as she has gone off on a walk. She always turns up later, often with coffee, and generally exhibiting a much better sense of humor and renewed vigor to carry on the good fight as cook, butler, maid, teacher, blogger, and most importantly, mother.