Mother’s Day Gifts for the Techy Mom

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and we’re all asking ourselves what we’re going to get mom this year. And maybe your mom isn’t actually super techy, but she might want a few things in her life to make things flow better. I know everything on this list are things that I would want! (hint hint, Jason!)

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5 Great Techy Toy Options on Kickstarter

With all kinds of amazing projects on Kickstarter, it has made us here at Mammatech wonder about what sort of projects are currently on Kickstarter for kid’s toys. So I’ve spent hours and hours this past week getting sucked into the amazing things that everyday people have invented and are currently looking for funding. The following five recommendations are each a techy toy I would buy for my boys! Read more

A Toddler Mamma’s Review of the Kids Edition Kindle Fire

I consider myself a new age Mom. When I say ‘new age’ I mean that I consider myself open to new types of parenting, and flowing with what is going on in the world around us. One of the tools I use as a new age Mom is having my toddlers learn through Kindle Fires. They’re turning 3 and 4 this week, and yes, they already know how to navigate through their Kindles on their own.

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Grocery Shopping: How Our Mothers And Grandmothers Used To Coupon

I just had a lengthy conversation with my Aunt Vicki about grocery shopping. Why would anyone want to talk to their 70 year old Aunt on the phone for 40 minutes about groceries? Because first off, she’s hilarious, and I may or may not have received some one my strange sense of humor from her, and second, it was one of the most interesting conversations I’ve had in a long time. Yes, about groceries.

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What to do with your Toddlers on New Years Eve

I love New Years Eve. The sleek and elegant dresses, my husband dressed up in a suit and tie, with my favorite cologne spritzed on him. The Champagne, the canapés, the music; it’s all very sexy. Ok. I’m lying a lot. We mainly went to parties in barns with other friends, but that first paragraph sounded so Great Gatsby that I had to go with it. And don’t knock a barn party until you’ve tried it!

Either way, now that we have kids, and with babysitters being so expensive on New Years, we stay home with the kiddos. I stay up until midnight to watch the ball drop, and Jason snores next to me in his recliner, then claims the next day that he was awake the whole time. I’m good with this arrangement, as going to parties are fun, but getting up the day after the party is not so fun.

But! We can still celebrate with our littles, as I plan to do this year. We just plan on celebrating differently, and not until Midnight. Here are a list of things I plan to do for my boys on NYE.

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Christmas Gifts For The Techy Guy In Your life

The Dad’s in our lives are pretty amazing. Whether it’s some good advice or words of encouragement, or alas, a bad Dad joke, they’re always there for us.

This holiday season, let’s surprise him with some good techy (and a few not so techy) gifts that he will appreciate, and maybe he will slow down on the Dad jokes a little bit.

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Child and Pet Safety on Halloween

Hello fellow Mammas! I don’t know about you, but I am pretty excited about Halloween this year. My boys are 2 and 3 and are just really now getting what the Holidays are all about. Of course, with my 3 year old in preschool, he’s learning all kinds of fun (and not so fun) things about the holiday.

This is also the first year that I’m really aware of safety. But not just for our kids, but for our pets as well. After all, our pets are our kiddos as well!

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Registering To Vote Using Technology

We’re off to the races on Election 2016. No matter who your vote is for, it is incredibly important that you do vote in this year’s presidential election. Heck, I think it’s important to vote in every election, but this is the big one. And with technology, it’s easier than ever to register to vote.

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For The Love Of Your E-reader: Where To Find The Deals On E-books

I don’t know about you, but I read on my Kindle e-reader almost every day, and there is nothing I love more than a good deal from Amazon on an e-book! With books being so darn expensive, even in e-book form, finding a deal is essential to fill my obsession of reading. If I ever win the lottery, I’m going to buy every single Terry Pratchett and Philipa Gregory book ever published. (I know, 2 completely different genres. What can I say, I love fantasy and historical fiction equally) But until then, I have a few go to websites that tell me which books are free or hugely discounted for the day.

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Family Vacation: The Lake Effect

My family and I have been going to Cass County, MN for the past 22 years. For the first 6 years, we stayed at a wonderful resort in Hackensack MN, called Wildwood Beach Resort, on Man Lake. Eventually my parents decided that they wanted a place of their own and they purchased a cabin on a lake in the same county. Our trips up north have been filled with very fond memories that my brother and I now share with our boys today.

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