The Best Ever Solution to Grocery Shopping

The Best Ever Solution to Grocery Shopping

Online Grocery Shopping – A Gift from Heaven

Last week, I ordered my groceries online and it changed my life. Let that sink in…it. changed. my. Life. So, without further ado, here is why online grocery ordering services are the best ever solution to grocery shopping.

The Scenario

I just started Spring Break and had to stay at my parents house for an emergency appointment with my eye doctor. The local grocery store by their house started offering an online grocery ordering service called ClickList. On Sunday night, I picked all of my recipes and which ingredients I would need to purchase. After figuring out what I needed, I put them into the ClickList website.

The Website

The website is so easy to use. My shoppers loyalty program keeps track of things I purchase frequently – this makes creating an online grocery list easy!

The Best Ever Solution to Grocery Shopping

The search feature makes it easy to find new items or things that I haven’t purchased recently. You can search by grocery items or fresh items, and then by different areas of the grocery store.  

The Best Ever Solution to Grocery Shopping

The Order

When I was done putting my order together, I selected the location and time frame I wanted to pick up my groceries. I decided on picking them up between 5:00 and 6:00 so I could hit the road and head back to Kansas City. The service and location I used didn’t require prepayment, but some services and locations do.

The Pickup

When I got to the grocery store, I parked in an area specifically for ClickList and called the number of the sign. They brought my groceries out and made sure I was okay with product changes. I ordered bulk green beans, but they had to give me packaged green beans. I also ordered generic brand hoagie rolls, but they had to give me name brand.

The Best Ever Solution to Grocery Shopping

After that, I paid with my credit card and they put the groceries in the trunk of my car.  

The Best Ever Solution to Grocery Shopping

The Review

I was really apprehensive about trying an online grocery service because I’m picky about my produce. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the produce. Additionally, you are able to leave notes about what type of produce you want. I asked for small to medium potatoes, but I felt these would be classified as large.

The Best Ever Solution to Grocery Shopping

ClickList offers new customers 3 orders without the service fee, but even if I had to pay $5.00, I would probably consider it an effective use of time and money.  

At the end of the day, I was very, very happy with the entire process. I was able to get all of the groceries I needed for the week without venturing into the store, or even getting out of my car. I wish that the grocery store I use in Kansas City had this feature!

Have any of the mammas out there used an online grocery ordering service? What did you think?

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