Amazon Prime: What’s Included and is it Worth it?

Amazon Prime was first launched over 10 years ago and boasted two-day shipping on numerous products for a flat fee of $79 a year. A lot has changed in those 10 plus years; now a yearly membership is $99 (or you can pay $10.99 a month). Read on for a break-down of all the goodies tucked in to see if Amazon Prime is a good fit for you.

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A Buyer’s Guide to Brookstone

Alright, mammas; it’s time to take a stroll down memory lane!

Do you remember B.A. (no, not Bad. Ass., but Before. Amazon.) when we actually had to put on pants, get in the car, and DRIVE to the mall to buy stuff?

It was a dark time, I know, but stay with me! When you got to the mall and wandered around for awhile, you probably stumbled upon a futuristic-looking store with oversized massage chairs that just beckoned you to come in, take a seat, and put up your feet for awhile… Remember?

Of course you do! It was Brookstone and it had the coolest, most-overpriced gadgets of any other store in the mall! Good news; Brookstone is still going strong and you can still purchase their overpriced gadgets via their stores (yes; malls are still a thing!), website, and catalog, which is where we recently did our shopping.

Curious as to what Brookstone sells in 2017? We were too, so here is a quick buyer’s guide to all things Brookstone:

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Wind, Water, Earth, Fire; Your guide to renewable energy options for your home

Alternative home energy options are now within reach. Whether you are building a house or supplementing your local system, these choices could save you money. And they are renewable, to boot! Renewable energy is not longer something far off in the future. The time has come for serious consideration and implementation of these earth-friendly systems. Read more

So You Want to Be A Freelance Writer?

Are you looking for a slower paced job where you can be your own boss and make your own hours?

Are you a stay-at-home mom looking to make a little extra money while the kiddos sleep?

Maybe you’re a starving college student just trying to make a little extra beer money?

No matter your walk in life, I highly recommend looking into freelance writing!

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Common Sense Computer Buying Guide

Smart phones are everywhere these days, but when the rubber hits the road, a good computer can be worth its weight in gold. A full keyboard, and not having to squint or view one section of a web page at a time, are the top benefits that come to my mind. There are many options these days. Between sales and brands, the pressure to buy can be intense. But the decision process does not have to be a nightmare. The following common sense considerations can help you quickly decide what type of product will serve you best.

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A Mom’s Guide to Making Extra Money Before Christmas

♫ It’s the most expensive time of the year // With the kids begging for presents // the in-laws requesting cooked pheasants // for Christmas dinnerrrrrrr // Oh it’s the most expensive time of the year! *key change* ♫

(Is it just me or did I totally miss my calling as a lyricist?)

If you know me in real life, you know that Christmas is my very favorite time of the year. Since I was little, I have loved the peaceful Advent season (where my fellow Catholics at?!), the bright and colorful bulbs strung about the neighborhood, the catchy tunes that get stuck in your head like a form of Chinese water torture… I enjoy it all! However, one of the parts that has been a challenge in the past is buying gifts for everyone. Granted, the gifts are not the most important part of the season, but you have to admit that it is fun to give something special (whether big, small, handmade, or store bought) to those you love.

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For The Love Of Your E-reader: Where To Find The Deals On E-books

I don’t know about you, but I read on my Kindle e-reader almost every day, and there is nothing I love more than a good deal from Amazon on an e-book! With books being so darn expensive, even in e-book form, finding a deal is essential to fill my obsession of reading. If I ever win the lottery, I’m going to buy every single Terry Pratchett and Philipa Gregory book ever published. (I know, 2 completely different genres. What can I say, I love fantasy and historical fiction equally) But until then, I have a few go to websites that tell me which books are free or hugely discounted for the day.

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Our Top 5 Favorite Online Baby Registries

It is hard to believe that only 3 short years ago, my husband and I were expecting our first child.

Like most first-time parents, we had a million different questions: Who will he or she look like? I know I plan to breastfeed, but should I also pump so dad can help with nighttime feedings? What does a new baby even need?!

The latter of the three questions was nothing short of daunting… I mean, just walk into a Babies”R”Us store and what do you see? Miles upon miles of crap stuff your baby HAS to have! Wipe warmers, at least 50 stuffed animals, Peepee Teepees… the items and cost both add up quickly, folks!

While the task of choosing which items your baby needs the most can seem rather daunting, your friends here at MammaTech are here to help you with the best places to register for gifts online! So before you start making your must-have list on some generic website that offers zero perks (like I accidentally did), be sure to check out our top 5 picks:

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A Blogging Mom’s Tips for Starting a Blog

When my (now) husband and I first got engaged, I was not a cook… in fact, the only time you would find me in the kitchen was microwaving a can of soup or grabbing a corkscrew to open my wine. Even though my husband didn’t expect me to be an old-school, makes-something-from-scratch-every-night-and-keeps-the-home-clean-for-her-man kind of wife, I still decided I owed it both to him (and to myself) to learn to cook. To get myself motivated and held accountable, I decided to start my own cooking blog where I would record both my cooking triumphs and fails, which is when Annie One Can Cook was born.

Fast forward four years and I am still blogging at AOCC, but the topics/themes have done a complete 180° as I am now using it as a platform to record/share family news and milestones with family, friends, and longtime blog followers. However, I am constantly asked by others about how to start a blog, grow it, make money, etc., so I wanted to share what has worked (and hasn’t worked) for me and offer any tips and advice that I can.

Go ahead and pour yourself a cup of coffee in your favorite quirky mug, light a candle, and join me as we go over my tips for starting a blog!

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