Does Makeup Make Up Me?

A weird thing happens when I am at work. I am a librarian at an urban high school. I have 11 individual, twelfth-grade, ladies that are my assistants each day. Here’s the weird part. Every single girl watches makeup tutorials in their spare time. They also speak about makeup like … I have no words to describe it… like it is a real part of who they are, and it is also what they have in common with other people.

They vary in myriad ways… as all of us do. But not when it comes to makeup tutorials or how they view wearing makeup. I noticed these commonalities, and because all parts of everything they do surrounding makeup is so foreign to how I view makeup, I started asking questions. Maybe this was generational? I asked all my assistants, my twelve year old daughter, and some coworkers how they learned to put on makeup, and what they think wearing makeup (or not wearing makeup) means.

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How the Cleveland Clinic Uses Technology

It’s never easy for a loved one to require medical treatment, but improvements in medical technology have made it easier. This October, my family spent over a week at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. During our time, we were able to witness firsthand how the Cleveland Clinic uses technology to make this time less stressful for our family. Read more

Domestic Violence: Technology is Helping and Hurting

Recently, my community was rocked by a horrible incident of domestic violence.  One of my students went home to find that her step-father shot and killed her mother, and then he shot and killed himself. The news was and is absolutely catastrophic. The local news interviewed neighbors, and they spoke of well-known discord in the family.

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How I Use Technology to Stay Fit During Summer

How I Used Technology to Stay Fit During Summer

Trying to stay fit is hard.  Especially when my Instagram is a recommendation battle royale between fitness accounts and bakeries and Netflix is constantly releasing new content. This summer, I decided to try and start a ‘fitness program’ that was easy and free. Here are the four technology tools I used this summer to stay fit and active!

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5 Easy (and Free) Ways to Make Money with Your FitBit!

Can I be brutally honest with you for just a second?

Promise me you won’t judge?

Okay, good. (And thank you.)

I have never stepped foot in a gym.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m intimidated, cheap, or lazy, but I have never had a real desire to go work out with equipment. Nevertheless, I do still have a desire to be fit and healthy, so I try to get in as much walking, toddler chasing, planks, lunges, dancing, etc. as I can each day. To track my steps and movement, I had been using the Health feature of my iPhone, but felt I wasn’t getting an accurate reading (seeing as though I had to have my phone on me at all times, which hardly ever happens at home).

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