An Honest Review of the Ring Video Pro Doorbell

(Please Note: This is a 100% honest, unpaid, and unsolicited review. The good folks at Ring have no idea who I am and did not give us a free doorbell in exchange for this review.)

Isn’t it amazing how our priorities continually change?

In high school, my main priorities were being liked and spending time with friends.

In college, it was passing classes and scraping together enough money to buy beer every Friday night.

Now? It is being a wife and mom, and doing everything in my power to not only raise my sons to be productive members of society, but keep them safe.

Last summer, my husband and I purchased our forever home in a safe, middle-class neighborhood. Since I was very pregnant at the time and staying home all day with our toddler, we immediately looked into a security system to give ourselves a little peace of mind. However, our sense of security was rocked a few months ago, when the boys and I were walking home from the park to find our neighbor’s home surrounded by police cars. Come to find out, the home owner came home on her lunch break to find an unwelcome intruder rummaging through their belongings.

This shook me to my core… this perception I had about our supposedly safe neighborhood was no more.

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5 Podcasts You Should Listen to This Month

YOU GUYS! I just discovered one of the coolest, most mind-blowing concepts that is new, hip, and something that you will not want to miss. Are you ready to find out what this ingenious, two-syllable concept is?


They are called podcasts!

Oh, you already know all about podcasts and have been listening since they first gained their popularity back in the early 2000s? Well then carry on, cool mamma!

Yes, I know that I am way behind on the current trends (despite being told numerous times by numerous friends how wonderful they are to listen to around the house), but now that I have started I just. can’t. stop! There is literally a podcast for anything you could possibly be interested in, from current events to fashion, movies to parenting.

Since I am ALWAYS looking for recommendations on what to listen to, I figured that I would share with you all what I currently have queued up on the old iPhone:

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Amazon Prime: What’s Included and is it Worth it?

Amazon Prime was first launched over 10 years ago and boasted two-day shipping on numerous products for a flat fee of $79 a year. A lot has changed in those 10 plus years; now a yearly membership is $99 (or you can pay $10.99 a month). Read on for a break-down of all the goodies tucked in to see if Amazon Prime is a good fit for you.

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Spring into Spring with New Garden Tech

Spring is upon us. Despite snow in March, I know the seasons are changing because my mailbox is chock full of gardening catalogs. For me this means dreaming and planning my gardens. Yes. Plural. In my yard I have a Zen garden, a vegetable garden, a cutting flower garden, a rose garden, a butterfly garden, a purple flowers only garden, and various other little spaces without a formal name, like the dark pit along the east side of the house where nothing grows except thorny blackberries.
I love gardening. I enjoy hiding in plain sight, tending to what my wife calls “dillydandums and whosiwhatsits.” I read books, search catalogs, chat with nearby growers, and wander around garden supply sites with lust in my heart. New garden technology makes me giddy. Here are a few of my favorite gardening techy tools (and links if available).

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Money Matters: A timely look at three budgeting options

Although I consider religion an integral part of my identity as a person, the “holiday season” still causes dollar signs to dance before my eyes. This time of year we need money. We need money for gifts, travel, and the endless activities and events. Even if you started your Christmas planning early, chances are good that money is on your mind right now. As we go into the new year, now is the optimal time to consider implementing a budget. Read on for a quick review of three budget-friendly options to track your expenses and keep your money on target.

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Gaming: It’s Not Just Family Fun Anymore

The other day I embarrassed myself in front of my friend Katy.  We were reminiscing about Christmases from our childhood and family traditions.  Katy’s family always puts together a puzzle. She smiled as she told me that they all just take turns sneaking into the room to put a few pieces together, so each person is pleasantly surprised to find it more and more completed.

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HelloFresh – The Good, The Bad, The Tasty


Each year, my husband and his dad take a mancation to Colorado.  My husband is a picky eater, and even though I love him dearly, I love when he goes on this trip because I get to try new recipes.  Leading up to this trip, I saw 123986 advertisements for HelloFresh.  So, during the Mancation of 2016, I ordered my first HelloFresh box!  Here’s the good, the bad, and the tasty!  Read more

A Busy Mom’s Honest Take On HelloFresh

As I mentioned in my last article, cooking fresh and wholesome meals has not come easy during this pregnancy. Besides feeling exhausted and unmotivated, my cravings have been stranger and more sporadic than ever.

However, when my Facebook began blowing up with promotions for subscription meal plans, I became intrigued… by paying the subscription cost and having food actually delivered to me (versus having to get out and grocery shop with a busy toddler), would I be more motivated to cook?

Ready for the answer? Read on as I discuss my family’s experience with HelloFresh and whether or not I would recommend it to other families.

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Our Top 5 Favorite Online Baby Registries

It is hard to believe that only 3 short years ago, my husband and I were expecting our first child.

Like most first-time parents, we had a million different questions: Who will he or she look like? I know I plan to breastfeed, but should I also pump so dad can help with nighttime feedings? What does a new baby even need?!

The latter of the three questions was nothing short of daunting… I mean, just walk into a Babies”R”Us store and what do you see? Miles upon miles of crap stuff your baby HAS to have! Wipe warmers, at least 50 stuffed animals, Peepee Teepees… the items and cost both add up quickly, folks!

While the task of choosing which items your baby needs the most can seem rather daunting, your friends here at MammaTech are here to help you with the best places to register for gifts online! So before you start making your must-have list on some generic website that offers zero perks (like I accidentally did), be sure to check out our top 5 picks:

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