Protect Yourself From Scams

Scene #1: You pick up the ringing phone, answering an unfamiliar number. The caller explains you are going to be issued a grant of $3,000 but you have to verify your bank information first.

Scene #2: The unknown number brings a formal but pushy voice proclaiming you owe $550 to the government and asking for your credit card or bank information, while threatening a slew of horrible events, should you fail to comply.

Scene #3: A suspicious e-mail makes it’s way to your inbox, claiming to be updating you on a suspicious charge to your bank account, and requesting you to click the enclosed link.

Are these scams? Probably so. Thanks to technology, sending and receiving information has become incredibly easy. Unfortunately, that means you need to be consciously protecting yourself from scams. It is not exceedingly difficult to keep yourself safe. Read on for some basic tips concerning your phone and your e-mail.

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Create Your Own Safe Search Engine

Like 100% of people out there, I know I’ve Googled something and blushed when the search results came back.  As a teacher, keeping my students safe online is a high priority of mine – just as it is a high priority of the mammas out there!  Creating a Google Custom Search Engine is one way that we can create a safe search environment for our kiddos!

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