Mother’s Day Gifts for the Techy Mom

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and we’re all asking ourselves what we’re going to get mom this year. And maybe your mom isn’t actually super techy, but she might want a few things in her life to make things flow better. I know everything on this list are things that I would want! (hint hint, Jason!)

  1. The latest iPhone Prices vary depending on your phone contract. $760 through Apple’s website.

If you’re anything like me, you’re always wanting the latest smartphone. The latest and greatest means better pictures of your kids, faster processing, and faster streaming of Netflix. Not to mention that I’m using my iPhone more and more as a tablet/computer these days. I find that I use more functionality with each phone that comes out.

2. Krups Coffee Grinder Amazon, $18.94

A lot of us mommas survive on coffee, especially me. So I think Jason should consider getting me this handy dandy coffee grinder to deliver fresh nectar to my brain each morning. This little device grinds 3 ounces of beans in seconds. As a mother of 2 toddlers, there is nothing in my life that takes mere seconds – even pouring milk into a cup can become a two minute dispute. Oh, and don’t cheap out on the beans, either! Go to the fancy grocery store and buy me fancy beans to show me that you care.

3. Roomba $375-$899

Never buy your wife a vacuum for a gift, right? Well Jason, I give you permission to purchase me a vacuum that does it all for me. I push a button, and off it goes. I can even put googly eyes on it if I want. How fun would that be? And just another selling point for my husband, I can be doing other things while the Roomba is doing it’s thing, like cooking dinner! In fact, I could be grinding coffee beans, and pressing a button on my new iPhone to tell it to clean, all while cooking dinner. Such a good reason to go ahead and get me everything I’ve mentioned on this list thus far.

4. Fitbit $59.95-$129.95

Well honey, now that I’m fueled up with fancy coffee, and my googly eyed Roomba is vacuuming for me, I think I’ll have more time for walks. Especially since the 4 year old randomly decided that he wanted to ride on 2 wheels a few weeks ago, and all he wants to do is go for rides and walks around the neighborhood. So I think I’ll need a fitness tracker to keep track of my steps! There are so many new models of Fitbits out now, you really can’t go wrong with getting one of these nifty devices!

5. Roku $29.99-$129.99

And finally, it’s the end of the day. I’ve switched from coffee to a glass of wine, our angels are in bed, googly eyed Roomba is vacuuming the basement, and I’ve gotten my steps in today. Let’s watch Netflix or Hulu on our brand new Roku streaming device and snuggle. I can even use my new iPhone you got me to use as a remote! Is there anything my brand new iPhone can’t do? The Rokus have really evolved a lot over the past few years since their first model came out. It even has a lost remote finder, which is useful in our crazy household!

I’ve been a mother for four amazing years now after we struggled for so long to have children. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. I’m so very blessed to be the mom to these two little boy creatures who amaze me and teach me things every day. As long as I get a hug and a kiss and a thank you from my boys and my husband, I’ll be grateful. But I won’t say no to any of these amazing products, either!

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