5 Great Techy Toy Options on Kickstarter

With all kinds of amazing projects on Kickstarter, it has made us here at Mammatech wonder about what sort of projects are currently on Kickstarter for kid’s toys. So I’ve spent hours and hours this past week getting sucked into the amazing things that everyday people have invented and are currently looking for funding. The following five recommendations are each a techy toy I would buy for my boys! Read more

A Mom’s Guide to Making Extra Money Before Christmas

♫ It’s the most expensive time of the year // With the kids begging for presents // the in-laws requesting cooked pheasants // for Christmas dinnerrrrrrr // Oh it’s the most expensive time of the year! *key change* ♫

(Is it just me or did I totally miss my calling as a lyricist?)

If you know me in real life, you know that Christmas is my very favorite time of the year. Since I was little, I have loved the peaceful Advent season (where my fellow Catholics at?!), the bright and colorful bulbs strung about the neighborhood, the catchy tunes that get stuck in your head like a form of Chinese water torture… I enjoy it all! However, one of the parts that has been a challenge in the past is buying gifts for everyone. Granted, the gifts are not the most important part of the season, but you have to admit that it is fun to give something special (whether big, small, handmade, or store bought) to those you love.

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A Busy Mom’s Honest Take On HelloFresh

As I mentioned in my last article, cooking fresh and wholesome meals has not come easy during this pregnancy. Besides feeling exhausted and unmotivated, my cravings have been stranger and more sporadic than ever.

However, when my Facebook began blowing up with promotions for subscription meal plans, I became intrigued… by paying the subscription cost and having food actually delivered to me (versus having to get out and grocery shop with a busy toddler), would I be more motivated to cook?

Ready for the answer? Read on as I discuss my family’s experience with HelloFresh and whether or not I would recommend it to other families.

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Making Mom Friends (Yep…There’s an App for That!)

Motherhood is by far the loneliest job I have ever had.

Don’t get me wrong; I was never really alone… in fact, I was with a darling little newborn literally every second of every day and wanted nothing more than the occasional alone time.

When I first discovered that my husband and I were pregnant with our now 2 1/2 year, we were ecstatic; he had just received a promotion at work, I was about to graduate college and had a great job with the local TV station, and we had just moved into a cute little 3-bedroom duplex… life was great! Even though I was on the younger side when we had Jackson (23 to be exact), I still had other friends who either already had kids or were also expecting, so I never gave a second thought to making new mom friends. However, as the summer grew hotter (and I grew larger), I decided to join a local church moms group in order to make a few more friends. It was by far one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy! These women were all so supportive, funny, loved drinking coffee and wine (which I would have to wait to partake in), and organized both playgroups as well as a bi-weekly mom’s night out.

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