Summer Brain: Keep Your Kids Sharp While School is Out

Summer break is upon us and billions of regular school-attending children are in need of input! Keep their brains sharp with these resources for reading, math, science, and more.


Reading is one of my favorite things to do. I do it with my children, to my children, or just while sitting in the same room next to my children. In my opinion one can never read too much. Whether your children are just beginners, or taking down chapter books in a single setting, you can keep them moving forward with the right resources.

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5 Great Techy Toy Options on Kickstarter

With all kinds of amazing projects on Kickstarter, it has made us here at Mammatech wonder about what sort of projects are currently on Kickstarter for kid’s toys. So I’ve spent hours and hours this past week getting sucked into the amazing things that everyday people have invented and are currently looking for funding. The following five recommendations are each a techy toy I would buy for my boys! Read more