Summer Brain: Keep Your Kids Sharp While School is Out

Summer break is upon us and billions of regular school-attending children are in need of input! Keep their brains sharp with these resources for reading, math, science, and more.


Reading is one of my favorite things to do. I do it with my children, to my children, or just while sitting in the same room next to my children. In my opinion one can never read too much. Whether your children are just beginners, or taking down chapter books in a single setting, you can keep them moving forward with the right resources.

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Wind, Water, Earth, Fire; Your guide to renewable energy options for your home

Alternative home energy options are now within reach. Whether you are building a house or supplementing your local system, these choices could save you money. And they are renewable, to boot! Renewable energy is not longer something far off in the future. The time has come for serious consideration and implementation of these earth-friendly systems. Read more

A Toddler Mamma’s Review of the Kids Edition Kindle Fire

I consider myself a new age Mom. When I say ‘new age’ I mean that I consider myself open to new types of parenting, and flowing with what is going on in the world around us. One of the tools I use as a new age Mom is having my toddlers learn through Kindle Fires. They’re turning 3 and 4 this week, and yes, they already know how to navigate through their Kindles on their own.

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Spring into Spring with New Garden Tech

Spring is upon us. Despite snow in March, I know the seasons are changing because my mailbox is chock full of gardening catalogs. For me this means dreaming and planning my gardens. Yes. Plural. In my yard I have a Zen garden, a vegetable garden, a cutting flower garden, a rose garden, a butterfly garden, a purple flowers only garden, and various other little spaces without a formal name, like the dark pit along the east side of the house where nothing grows except thorny blackberries.
I love gardening. I enjoy hiding in plain sight, tending to what my wife calls “dillydandums and whosiwhatsits.” I read books, search catalogs, chat with nearby growers, and wander around garden supply sites with lust in my heart. New garden technology makes me giddy. Here are a few of my favorite gardening techy tools (and links if available).

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Online Management Tools: Keep Your Kids On Track

“Mom, Paul was on again!!”

“I was not!”

This conversation has been rehearsed about 500 times since my children discovered that silly website. The standard fix would be to monitor their online time or just take it away altogether. The Paul mentioned above is only six-years-old, surely he does not NEED to be on the internet, right?

Unfortunately no. Since my children “attend” a virtual school, a lot of their day is spent online, accessing much of their coursework through the school’s website. This problem is confounded by the fact that I have multiple children in school at the moment — four to be exact. In addition I have three more not-quite-school-age children running around, as well. But we are going on our third year with this program and we really do appreciate all it has to offer. So what’s a busy momma to do? — Get smart!

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Self-driving cars; Ready or not, here they come.

Yes; you read that right. Cars that drive themselves. Cars not dependent on human intervention. Would they be safe? Would they be affordable? What about maintenance? Who gets blamed when they crash? Clearly there are many uncertainties blanketing this concept. But that’s not stopping auto engineers from designing and testing self-driving cars. The list of car makers currently creating self-driving cars totals 30. Look here to see it in full. Clearly many, if not most, see this as a worthy pursuit.

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How the Cleveland Clinic Uses Technology

It’s never easy for a loved one to require medical treatment, but improvements in medical technology have made it easier. This October, my family spent over a week at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. During our time, we were able to witness firsthand how the Cleveland Clinic uses technology to make this time less stressful for our family. Read more

Holiday Gift Ideas for Techy Teens

The holiday season is upon us, and if you are like me, you are perplexed by what to buy the weirdo, almost human beings (teenagers) in your life. I am not one to hand anyone a wad of cash, or even a few gift cards; I love watching the strange humans (teenagers) respond with glee as they tear into a gift. Choosing the right squeal-inducing present has become more and more challenging. Here is my list of gifts to give the alien inhabiting your loved one; each image is a link to, so you can purchase with ease! Read more

Domestic Violence: Technology is Helping and Hurting

Recently, my community was rocked by a horrible incident of domestic violence.  One of my students went home to find that her step-father shot and killed her mother, and then he shot and killed himself. The news was and is absolutely catastrophic. The local news interviewed neighbors, and they spoke of well-known discord in the family.

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