The Time My iPhone Died (and iLived)

Raise your hand if you are constantly checking your phone for emails, social media notifications, and texts.

*coyly raises hand*

I will be the FIRST to admit that my husband and I are the worst at this — in fact, if we don’t have our phones on us, we panic. That’s just how we are though; in fact, it’s how our entire generation acts and communicates… Right?

As I was making dinner earlier this summer, I heard a report on the CBS Evening News regarding how parent’s technology habits are affecting our children. Now, I know I always have my phone on me, but there is no way it is impacting my son. After all, it’s not like I text in the car, check my Facebook during dinner, or Tweet during mass — I doubt he even notices me using it… right?!

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The Magical and Technical World of Disney

Remember when you were a kid and your family took a trip to Walt Disney World?

I do.

In a word, it was magic.

From the fireworks to the characters (Mickey freaking Mouse LIVES here!) to the animatronic rides, the entire trip was unforgettable.

One of the memories that particularly sticks out in my mind is that of Magic Kingdom and leaving all the sparkle and pixie dust behind for that of the future. I, of course, am referring to none other than Tomorrowland.

Now the 1990’s Tomorrowland etched in my mind looked something like this: a gigantic, futuristic sign with larger-than-life planets and lasers; Jetson’s-esque buildings; and a futuristic-looking tram that took you from side of the park to the other.

Folks; Tomorrowland no longer represents the future. The entire PARK represents the future.

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Top 10 Apps for Toddlers: A Mamma’s Brutally Honest Take

A few months ago when we were visiting my parents, we ran into some friends of the family that have a little girl who is just a few months younger than my almost 2-year-old. After their initial hugs and open mouth kisses (my son moves quickly…), they began fighting over her mom’s ringing cell phone. To alleviate the situation, I handed Jackson my cell phone and the two began pressing buttons, taking selfies, and opening up every single app on my shattered iPhone. Is anyone else terrified by how smart toddlers are when it comes to technology?

In this day of modern technology, it is inevitable that our tots are in constant contact with smartphones, tablets, computers, or electronic toys that are way smarter than anything we ever had. That being said, I am constantly scouring both Google Play and the iTunes App Store for fun and educational games to keep my technology curious toddler occupied. After doing a little research, I found these 10 top rated apps for toddlers and figured Jackson and I would take them each for a spin:

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The Pros & Cons of Being a Work-from-Home Mamma

I have said it before and I will say it again: I have a major love/hate relationship with technology.

Why do I hate it? Well, for starters, I think it is overly complicated; that it is creating a generation of anti-social, impatient beings; and that it makes bullying others that much easier (remind me to tell you about my personal experiences with this).

Now that I have completely ragged on technology, you’re probably wondering what it is that I actually like about computers, tablets, and smartphones. In short, I like being able to stay in touch with family members via social media; discovering sugary recipes with one simple click; and, most of all, I love that I am able to continue working while still staying home with my son. Earning a living from the comfort of your own home – what a concept!

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Toddlers & Technology: Helpful or Hurtful?

Can I let you all in on a little secret?

Technology is NOT my forte… like, at all.

Growing up in the early 90s, the most techie toys/gadgets we really had were Teddy Ruxpins, replica Talkboys from Home Alone, and our mom’s boxy Nokia phone (that maybe had Snake on it). That was it. Today, 5-year olds have THEIR OWN smart phones, social media accounts, and selfie sticks.

Don’t get me wrong; I think it’s great that our leaders of tomorrow know so much about technology, as I predict know it will become more and more vital down the road. However, now that I’m a mom, it really bothers me when I see toddlers, school-aged children, and teenagers burying their faces in their (or their parents) phone or tablet instead of exploring and interacting with the world around them. Are we unknowingly raising a generation of anti-social beings who cannot function without some sort of gizmo in their hands?

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