A Toddler Mamma’s Review of the Kids Edition Kindle Fire

I consider myself a new age Mom. When I say ‘new age’ I mean that I consider myself open to new types of parenting, and flowing with what is going on in the world around us. One of the tools I use as a new age Mom is having my toddlers learn through Kindle Fires. They’re turning 3 and 4 this week, and yes, they already know how to navigate through their Kindles on their own.

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Spring into Spring with New Garden Tech

Spring is upon us. Despite snow in March, I know the seasons are changing because my mailbox is chock full of gardening catalogs. For me this means dreaming and planning my gardens. Yes. Plural. In my yard I have a Zen garden, a vegetable garden, a cutting flower garden, a rose garden, a butterfly garden, a purple flowers only garden, and various other little spaces without a formal name, like the dark pit along the east side of the house where nothing grows except thorny blackberries.
I love gardening. I enjoy hiding in plain sight, tending to what my wife calls “dillydandums and whosiwhatsits.” I read books, search catalogs, chat with nearby growers, and wander around garden supply sites with lust in my heart. New garden technology makes me giddy. Here are a few of my favorite gardening techy tools (and links if available).

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So You Want to Be A Freelance Writer?

Are you looking for a slower paced job where you can be your own boss and make your own hours?

Are you a stay-at-home mom looking to make a little extra money while the kiddos sleep?

Maybe you’re a starving college student just trying to make a little extra beer money?

No matter your walk in life, I highly recommend looking into freelance writing!

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Common Sense Computer Buying Guide

Smart phones are everywhere these days, but when the rubber hits the road, a good computer can be worth its weight in gold. A full keyboard, and not having to squint or view one section of a web page at a time, are the top benefits that come to my mind. There are many options these days. Between sales and brands, the pressure to buy can be intense. But the decision process does not have to be a nightmare. The following common sense considerations can help you quickly decide what type of product will serve you best.

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The Importance of Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs)


Career and technical student organizations (CTSOs) are one of the best ways for your child to gain valuable skills that will help them through high school and beyond!  As the DECA sponsor for my high school, here are some of my favorite reasons to encourage your child to join a career and technical student organization.  Read more

Does Makeup Make Up Me?

A weird thing happens when I am at work. I am a librarian at an urban high school. I have 11 individual, twelfth-grade, ladies that are my assistants each day. Here’s the weird part. Every single girl watches makeup tutorials in their spare time. They also speak about makeup like … I have no words to describe it… like it is a real part of who they are, and it is also what they have in common with other people.

They vary in myriad ways… as all of us do. But not when it comes to makeup tutorials or how they view wearing makeup. I noticed these commonalities, and because all parts of everything they do surrounding makeup is so foreign to how I view makeup, I started asking questions. Maybe this was generational? I asked all my assistants, my twelve year old daughter, and some coworkers how they learned to put on makeup, and what they think wearing makeup (or not wearing makeup) means.

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How To Be A #MomBoss: An Interview With A Work-From-Home Entrepreneur

As the daughter of entrepreneurs, I have always had the itch to work for myself.

After attending college for broadcast journalism, spending a few years in the cutthroat field (and discovering it wasn’t for me), getting married, having a baby, and wanting to be a stay-at-home mom while still earning a little money of my own, I began looking into the world of freelance and haven’t looked back! Truth be told, the thought of adventuring out on my own like this and trying to balance motherhood and work was completely daunting in the beginning, so I began reading interviews with smart businesswomen and/or fellow stay-at-home mammas who boldly ventured out into the world of working for themselves.

Hearing straight from these smart and flat-out amazing women was exactly the inspiration I needed to kickstart my now thriving writing (and part-time marketing) career, which is why I set out to interview one of my girl boss heroes. My hope in sharing this story is to inspire those of you who have a dream of owning your own business, working from home, earning a little extra money while raising babies, etc. to take a leap of faith and be your own boss, make your own hours, and do whatever it is you love to do!

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Online Management Tools: Keep Your Kids On Track

“Mom, Paul was on slither.io again!!”

“I was not!”

This conversation has been rehearsed about 500 times since my children discovered that silly website. The standard fix would be to monitor their online time or just take it away altogether. The Paul mentioned above is only six-years-old, surely he does not NEED to be on the internet, right?

Unfortunately no. Since my children “attend” a virtual school, a lot of their day is spent online, accessing much of their coursework through the school’s website. This problem is confounded by the fact that I have multiple children in school at the moment — four to be exact. In addition I have three more not-quite-school-age children running around, as well. But we are going on our third year with this program and we really do appreciate all it has to offer. So what’s a busy momma to do? — Get smart!

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